The words 'Comfy Casuals' 'Party Essentials' and 'New Wardrobe Staple'. Photo image in middle shows young caucasian woman with long brown and red hair wearing a black hat and navy t-shirt with the word WILD in colourful leopard print.

WILD Tees are your New Wardrobe Staple! Here's why...

Show your Personality

Depending on your styling. these Tees can be a little or a lot 'grr!'. With inclusive sizing and a colour way to match your individual style you can either:

Make a bold statement with our Rainbow Leopard Tee

Choose our Classic Leopard print or more toned down Multi-Colour spot T shirts for a subtle nod to your Inner Wild Child
Black fitted tee with lettering WILD. Lettering is classic leopard print

They are Vegan Friendly

Eco-conscious fashion is important to us, which is why we are proud to say

These SUPER SOFT Tees are 100% Organic Cotton Jersey


Fairwear Foundation & Vegan approved

(Find out more at


White fitted tee with lettering WILD in rainbow coloured animal print


They are Super Versatile

Day Wear

Go for a casual chic look with jeans, chunky knit & your favourite white trainers

Work Wear

How about, adding interest to a smart casual outfit for the office or work place with a tailored trouser, blazer & flats

Party Wear

Get the party started and team it with a maxi skirt or faux leather midi & heels for when you're going 'out, out', or having a relaxed meet up with friends. 


Leopard print background with white text box. Text reads: Reasons to LOVE our  New WILD Tees. Comfort & QUALITY. VERSATILE wardrobe staple. ECO-conscious fashion. Bring your unique PERSONALITY to your outfit

Author: Jennifer Tee

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