Need New Gift Ideas?

Need New Gift Ideas?

Struggling for unique gift ideas? Don't get me wrong, I love a cupcake design as much as the next person, but do you ever find yourself stuck in a gift giving rut where you have locked onto one thing you know they love and have gifted MANY things following that one theme? I've been there.

One friend loves dachshunds - cue dachshund gifts of all kinds I've gifted over the past few years. It gets to a point where you have to reign it in and think of something new, especially as another close friend has been doing the same.

Here are some gift tips to help you out:

- What are their interests? Write down 2 or 3 you know of and see if you can work with one towards coming up with a unique gift.

- What colours do they like? Notice colours they tend to wear and look for something of a similar colour theme to match what they are already drawn to.

- What do they do to relax? How do they describe their favourite way to wind down? Look for a gift that matches their approach to down time.

Did you find this useful? I hope so. For some unique gift ideas, take a look in our product catalogue and see if something fits.

Author: Jennifer Tee

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