Love Lissie Collaboration!

Love Lissie Collaboration!

Loving how the colours of our 'Foxy' items all complement along with the Love Lissie pink branding. It means so much that our small business has it's products flying out in Love Lissie orders this month to spread a little extra sprinkle of joy in a random selection of people's orders.

We've had some kind feedback already from people who have received a gift. Such a lovely idea of Love Lissie Leggings to support a different small business each month. As a start up company we started putting our products out into the world at the start of the year, having never done anything similar before, and whilst still doing our 'day jobs'. It has brought us such happiness, and we have some super special designs and giftware coming into our Etsy store as well as onto our developing website mid Nov!

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