Comfort is the NEW black

Comfort is the NEW black

Have you ever felt a little like you've lost your style direction? 


The problem is, a wardrobe full of clothes you don’t wear, don’t feel good in, and are taking up space can lead to a stressful effect on your morning routine as you scrabble through your drawers and wardrobe for something to wear. Eventually making-do with something as you begin to run late. 

Sound familiar? What if I told you, you can reignite your fashion sense without compromising comfort or sustainability. I for one am all-in on the comfort AND style revolution! Say goodbye to wardrobe woes and hello to eco-conscious fashion with personality! 

Simplifying your wardrobe isn't just about comfort—it's about decluttering and organising to simplify your daily routine, and in doing so clear your mind. 

Here’s some practical tips to make every outfit choice a breeze without feeling overwhelmed. 

It's simple:
  • Start small
  • Focus on joy
  • Let comfort be your guide!

Sort through your clothes, put into piles what you LOVE, what you LIKE and what you DONT. Now, this is where you've got to get decisive - remove items that no longer spark joy, neatly hang and store clothes you LOVE and find storage solutions to keep your essentials and accessories safe and visible. 

For clothes that you no longer love or no longer fit, find eco-conscious ways of removing them from your wardrobe, be that reselling, repurposing (if you are an expert seamstress) or donating.  

You’re then left with a wardrobe that speaks to your soul, and daily dressing with confidence and comfort.

Woman with blonde hair wearing comfortable casual spring / summer clothing
Happy styling! ✨