Meet the Team

This is us, Dan & Jen. We are a husband and wife team that set up our little start up Derby UK based business at the start of 2022. We love being creative and designing fun products and gift ideas to put smiles on people's faces.
3 random facts about Jen:
☁️ Fave movie: Last of the Mohicans, music gets me every time 😢 🤧
☁️ Sweets or Chocolate: Sweets 💯 , same goes for desserts I choose fruit over chocolate puds.
☁️ Favourite place I've visited: Japan, love the natural beauty. We were fortunate enough to visit in cherry blossom season 🌸
3 random facts about Dan:
☁️ His memorable life moment: Meeting 'Asimo' the Robot - in Japan. Dan is a proper Tech geek 😎
☁️ Favourite Cheese: Norweigen Goats Cheese. (This is claimed to be Chocolate Cheese - I am unconvinced, but Dan is mad for the stuff) Anyone else tried this?? 🧀
☁️ Dan's fashion choices: All season shorts wearing, this may be down to being a Postie for a while, that he just doesn't feel the cold 🤷🏻‍♀️
For more information please see our About Us section.