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Earth Day - Every Day!

22nd April is World Earth day! Read on to find out our commitment as a brand to taking steps towards a more sustainable future.
Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and honours the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to do more to protect our planet.
💡 Here's some FUN facts about the wonderful planet we Iive on
🌎 Earth is 4.54 billion years old. Using radiometric dating, scientists have discovered that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old (give or take 50 million years)
🪸 The coral reef is the world's largest living structure
🦩 Flamingoes aren’t born pink. They actually come into the world with grey/white feathers and only develop a pinkish hue after starting a diet of brine shrimp and blue-green algae.
🌳 Pine trees can tell if it's about to rain. Next time you see a pine cone, take a close look. If it’s closed, that’s because the air is humid, which can indicate rain is on its way. 
 🐠 Fish form orderly queues in emergencies. When evacuating through narrow spaces in sketchy situations, schools of neon tetra fish queue so that they don’t collide or clog up the line.
...and here's some facts about what we do as a small business to protect our planet and act responsibly as a brand.
✨️ 1 tree planted for every order - Find our tree count on our Ecologi page
✨️ We choose recycled material or biodegradable packaging
✨️ Whenever possible, our Clothing & Accessories are made from sustainably sourced organic or recycled fabric, and we are proud to say this is the majority of our products.
 ✨️ We opt for eco-conscious techniques for printing and actively seek out responsible waste disposal of materials
✨️ We produce in small batches and avoid excess stock and wastage
We are committed as a brand to continuing to find sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to all parts of our supply chain and welcome suggestions as to how we can better our approach.
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Source of Earth facts:BBC ScienceFocus
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