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Loop the Loop Designs

Personalised "Star Sign" - 4x4" Prism

Personalised "Star Sign" - 4x4" Prism

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These unique birthday star sign gifts are out of this world! Beautiful star constellations, personalised for each recipient. Rocket or Owl design with background colour options - Which one will you choose?

This personalised acrylic block is a wonderful keepsake gift for a child to mark their birthday. For those who love astrology or astronomy, why not teach your child the pattern of their star sign constellation, which is each mapped carefully from up-to-date sky charts.
These will look perfect in any children's room, pride of place on the shelf for them to see.


◉ Each 4x4" (10x10cm) piece is fully customisable. With hundreds of unique combinations of design elements, we have you covered. To simplify this while personalising, you'll be asked to select from each of the following five options:
- Name
- Zodiac Sign (See picture guide)
- Colour Scheme (Blue, Green, Pink, Purple or Turquoise)
- A choice of including a companion (A Fun Rocket or Cute Little Owl)

◉ Standard elements include a friendly Moon and a Starry Sky backdrop.

◉ Thick, robust acrylic protects the artwork with solid, diamond polished edges

◉ Perfect for a desk, bookcase, shelf, mantelpiece or window sill

◉ Printed using eco-friendly water-based inks

◉ Eco-friendly packaging material: Flat, rigid, corrugated cardboard box, made from recycled materials

PLEASE NOTE: Wipe clean only. Products come with a white film on the front to protect the piece during transit. This can be removed after delivery. However, please do not attempt to remove the black backing material as this is part of the piece and provides the night sky backdrop

SAFETY NOTICE: This is an ornamental piece and adult supervision is required. This piece must not be left unattended with babies or young children.

NB: Please enter the desired name with great care as this will be on the finished product. Although the responsibility for this is with the buyer, we make every effort to identify mistakes and contact buyers where possible.

If you decide to purchase our product, you'll be supporting a small but dedicated U.K. family business. We hope that you and/or the gift recipient enjoy the piece as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Please note that when buying from outside the UK, import charges and/or tax may be chargeable in your country, which is the responsibility of the buyer.
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